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What is EVO GOALS?

EVO GOALS is an online coaching platform to help you build the life you want.

If your work-life balance is out of kilter, you're drowning in the day-to-day, or you're stuck in a rut and want to create change, then this is the tool for you. EVO GOALS cuts through the clutter, helping you to find focus and take action.


At the heart of EVO GOALS is a self-paced learning programme to help you understand your priorities, set goals and use your time wisely. Work through six helpful modules to get set for success.

  • Assess your life and set goals
  • Establish a healthy daily routine
  • Understand your energy flow
  • Manage your time
  • Learn to prioritise and say 'no'
  • Become more mindful


Through a simple to use online dashboard you can access the learning, lifestyle trackers and productivity tools you need to find balance in every part of your life. Get a better perspective on work, home, family, finances and wellbeing.

  • Complete regular Full Circle Reviews to see what's really going on in your life
  • Focus on areas you need to improve
  • Review your goals and commitments
  • Find extra pockets of time
  • Get recommendations on other useful self-help resources


EVO GOALS is about reviewing, planning and taking action. Use the FREE companion app to track your progress and manage your activities quickly and easily on-the-go. No more paper lists or spreadsheets that get forgotten!

  • Log your sleep, hydration, exercise and diet
  • Complete a daily journal to increase mindfulness and review your day
  • Maintain your daily routines
  • Perform weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews
  • Manage your Actions using the built in To Do functionality

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EVO GOALS Dashboard

Membership includes full access to everything you need, including the online dashboard, self-paced learning course, lifestyle trackers and FREE companion app for on-the-go access via iPhone and Android (beta).

Compatible With:

Google Chrome (Preferred), Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

EVO GOALS Platform


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Monthly Membership

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Annual Membership

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Annual Membership

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UK Mental Health Charity Mind

5% of the price of each online membership purchased will be donated to Mind (Registered charity number 219830). EVO GOALS strongly advocates the importance of mental well-being and is proud to support Mind in this manner.

EVO GOALS donates 5% of the price of each online membership purchased to Mind

EVO GOALS - The Journey

As busy professionals, life is hectic and fast-paced. The pressure is on to keep building your career, but how often do you take a moment to step back and plan where you're going? Making the best use of your time and achieving the right work-life balance can be really difficult.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about how to work smarter or improve your life, but wading through countless books, blogs and TED-X talks uses more of your time than it saves! So, we have researched the market extensively to bring all the best bits together in one place. EVO GOALS is the result - a simple-to-use platform that combines life coaching and professional productivity coaching in one, helping you to take more control of your life.

Fiona Sharratt - Founder

Fiona Sharratt Founder of EVO GOALS

I spent years trying to balance a high-powered career in management consulting with a healthy personal life. I knew I needed to improve my work-life balance and work even smarter.

After researching the self-help market, I realised there wasn't one book or product that gave me exactly what I needed. Most focus on a single area, like productivity or goal setting or mindfulness, meaning you have to read tonnes of material to get the full picture. So, the idea for EVO GOALS was born. My aim; to provide one affordable, accessible platform that helps people understand how to achieve more and keep achieving more. I'm really excited to launch EVO GOALS and hope you grow from it, as much as I have.

Member's Words

"Fiona is full to the brim with knowledge and expertise - her platform is literally a one-stop for everything you need to achieve your goals, organise your life and be your best self!"

Wendy, Hertfordshire

"The full circle review was great for clarity."

Rachel, Northumberland

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